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cheap jeans in length of the key competition

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PostWysłany: Wto 5:02, 11 Sty 2011    Temat postu: cheap jeans in length of the key competition

Failed to read the article, the article may have been deleted out. File Path: D: \ Bugs Software \ Bugs blog 2009 \ articles \ copy of a Sina Technology News \ Qi Gong Yu Yi CEO: Users will be the length of the key competitive difference. Html
Failed to read the article, the article may have been deleted out. File Path: D: \ Bugs Software \ Bugs blog 2009 \ articles \ copy of a Sina Technology News \ iPhone 4 drive digital sales 3C: Top luxury mobile phone than your car. Html
With the success of the applications does not necessarily bring in huge revenues. Although Livingsocial successful Coca-Cola and Disney, signed a major advertiser, but the company's advertising revenue is still a huge application with the number of users do not match. Aoxiaonisi next challenge is how to face the surprising number of users and advertisers to link the application, after all,cheap jeans, most of Livingsocial allows Facebook users to express preferences for products product (somewhat similar to the happy network of appraisal functions). The founding team and the second time in the brewing business transformation.
2009 年初, Livingsocial bought a modest little company Buy a Friend a Drink. As revealed by company name, the company's primary business is to promote the sales of new wine products, to attract Internet users to the bar to consume.
the bar in dealing with various marketing network marketing model, when,buy perfume online, Livingsocial sales staff found that the local shops can be a lot of other similar promotion. Aoxiaonisi recalled: \
2009 年 7 月 27 日, Livingsocial officially launched the first buy transaction, and the first object of cooperation is the Washington, DC, Zengo restaurant in Chinatown. Although headquartered in Chicago Groupon as early as 8 months (November 2008) introduced the buy the business but Livingsocial With a more flexible business model has achieved explosive growth.
Livingsocial business transformation and the second was a success, the company seems every time in transition can bring even better results. Insatiable corporate culture, entrepreneurial passion struggle, but also popular in the United States to catch up with the buy mode a good time, Livingsocial soon become the second largest buy website. The autumn, Aoxiaonisi other founders decided to once again change the company's core business, to buy in the business.
business is booming, but Aoxiaonisi, who did not lose the hunger in his heart sinking. Livingsocial will organize its annual incentive employees choose their own language. In 2009, they elected the annual incentive words were \In 2010,cheap designer handbags Chapter VII of the wizard, Livingsocial is energetically call for \
Pictured Livingsocial adventure holiday company acquired urban-Escapes Site
flexible business model
Although the buy mode similar, but the success of the buy site each have their own characteristics. Livingsocial each service in its cities, each working to launch a buy transaction, buy goods or services at least half off the price. Stores to participate in activities do not need to buy to pay any upfront costs, Livingsocial the payment of a commission of about 30% of the revenue. And the same pattern that many buy, buy after the closing of the transaction, the user can activate and use the buy coupons.
users can log Livingsocial site or by e-mail access to buy information, purchase successful in around 10 am the next day received an e-mail the coupon. They can choose to print the coupon to spend,cheap pumas shoes coal fire ignited the coal car, you can also download coupons to Google Android mobile phone or Apple iPhone, iPad and iTouch, and many other devices. Livingsocial business earned in the bowl full of pots buy fertilizer, but also did not forget the true nature of application developers. Excellent multi-platform applications are to buy the business provided a strong guarantee.
Groupon biggest competitors, but more flexible than that, Livingsocial does not set a minimum number of people buy. Customers need not worry because the number of users is too small, the loss of favorable opportunities. In addition, to encourage more users to participate in buy, Livingsocial also introduced the then new \Users to buy buy transaction, you can send a link to buy your friends, if you attract the other three friends to buy, then the transaction to promote the users can enjoy free of charge.
buy in the restaurant to promote the success of the field after, Livingsocial the gang started again restless young man. They constantly try new services, museums, SPA massage and even indoor skydiving, Bryant Jordan, Livingsocial the buy items more ingenuity.
are probably young people, have a \Success of the Aoxiaonisi even riding a SEGWAY scooter every day to work. Livingsocial keen found to stimulate urban young people seeking to relax holiday demand. Customers in a number of introduced test the water adventure weekend market demand, in October 2010, Livingsocial acquisition of outdoor adventure holiday company in New York urban Escapes, young people in the U.S. launch of tailor-made city leisure services.
preparing for expansion financing

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